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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Bernice Liu children with outstanding choreography out of Hong Kong, has recently been a fancy sports brand Nike, and tennis player Maria Sharapova and triathlon athlete Lokelani together as a spokesperson. Bernice Liu children is the first as the brand ambassador of Hong Kong artists. Advertisers are more big thing to promote its website and in stores. dance foundation deep Bernice Liu children, was invited as the Nike sports suppliers in Asia and Australia spokesperson, responsible for "Yoga & amp; Dance" (yoga and dance) series. Advertisers pull brigade to the United States earlier commercials, and more ready in November massive publicity. As for the shop side, yesterday (October 18) has put up a large poster several Bernice Liu children, the posters she put different yoga, do show fullness stature, many passers-way by stopped to watch. EU REACH new regulations will increase the cost of our enterprises 500 million - 1 billion U.S. dollars per year recently, the EU's long-awaited REACH regulations formally implemented, bring cost pressure to many export enterprises in Quanzhou, the shoe effect is very obvious, is expected to cost per pair of shoes will increase the number of yuan. impact: export costs rose significantly the reporter learned that, in accordance with the REACH regulations, manufacturers and importers must submit registration information to the European Chemicals authority, or they will not be available for sale in the EU market. The basic registration and evaluation cost of a chemical substance is about 85 thousand euros, with an individual requirement of 575 thousand euros. testing and registration fees are entirely borne by enterprises Cheap air jordans for sale , so that enterprises operating costs increased substantially. Experts conservatively estimate that Chinese companies will increase their costs by $500 million to $1 billion annually. for a long time, the European Union is one of the main directions of Quanzhou's footwear exports. The introduction of REACH has undoubtedly increased the production costs of Quanzhou shoe enterprises. Wu Hui, general manager of Quanzhou South Qi Shoes Co., Ltd. believes that the implementation of the new regulations will force companies to seek higher standards of raw materials, leading to cost increases. He expects the cost of each pair of shoes to rise by about 2 yuan. The company has many foreign OEM orders. analysis of executive vice chairman Zhang Xiaoqi of limited company of development of Fujian Shishi Linsen shoes company, the cost per pair of shoes it will increase 3 to 5 yuan. "It's hard to say how much each shoe costs, but it's probably up 2%." The general manager of the company said Ding Guosi Guohui shoes co.. Fujian Green shoes limited in shoes orders for processing, and the EU enterprises long-term cooperation. Sun Yongmeng, general manager of the company, believes that the future trend of rising costs, but the size of the increase depends on the product, "because the use of different raw materials, product prices may be different."". industry insiders, since the REACH regulations have just been implemented, the magnitude of the cost increase will take some time to clear. reaction: high standard enterprise has advantage, enterprises generally believe that the introduction of REACH regulations does not exert great pressure on the development of enterprise production. Xu cheap jordans Zhihua, deputy general manager of Fujian PEAK Group Co., Ltd. believes that enterprises will adopt technological innovationToday the network broke the highly anticipated Kobe tenth pair of signature shoes Kobe X low version of the spy. Vamp continue to use Hyperfuse thermal fusion technology, the sole part of forefoot is Lunarlon, heel part is Zoom Air, the official price of 1399 yuan. 4c4ecd15jw1emlzvwkikqj20jg0frmyq.jpg (66.7 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe X suspected exposure 2014-11-24 13:48 upload Nike 00The trend of follow the trend of more and more, motorcycle roared past, don't care what you think. 2003 Michael · Jordan completely retired from the NBA after 7 years, Jordan took over the NBA in Sherlock's team, and the team changed the original Hornets, the passage of time, the same is great, I love Jordan for motorcycle sport, also in his team for seventh years Jordan, the SUZUKI team won the championship for the first time, 7 years, he was playing in the NBA after winning the time, almost similar. he said he did everything not for fun, for the motorcycle team enthusiasm also reacted to his Air Jordan shoes, and will put the shoes of elements get car fleet, and let all the shoes fans happy, Air Jordan 4 "Motorsport" this pair of shoes is finally return, this year's Air Jordan 4 "Motorsport" is the slogan "Not for spectator", "not for the audience," this sentence is very well, not to the audience, for what? Perhaps is to itself for the motorcycle enthusiasm of the sport, Jordan runs his own motorcycle team is to challenge themselves, to win even if a champion or not in order to cater to the spectator preferences, but to do their own. look at this year's Air Jordan 4 "Motor Cheap jordans online sport", a beautiful white black blue brown color scheme, very in tune, this pair of shoes on the Blue Sport royal blue, can be interpreted as the movement of royal blue, and the first year although compared with no Spike Mars, Mars · Blackman avatar, but from the overall situation look, is really very beautiful, blue blood forever flowing in Michael · Jordan's body and his shoes. ??????get it online clothing Quilt As You Go super new method to try Direct link is http flutterkat com my quilt as you go process tutorial of japan online shopping service How to Caulk a Bathtub a must read before you re caulk your tub This was super handy and really helpful especially filling the tub with water and taping I m not super handy and it even worked for me Grade A it online clothing Quilt As You Go super " /〉 sport watches reviews haircut long hair layers custom free running shoes There are literally thousands of jewelry making terms out there so grab a FREE handy copy of our jewelry dictionary to crack the code on jewelry terms jewelrymaking get it online clothing Quilt As You Go super new method to try Direct link is http flutterkat com my quilt as you go process tutorial of The United States men's basketball team wins a path through the Olympic champion, and Nike's super stars launched the KD 9 Gold Medal with glory. This section with the Obsidian color decoration shoe body, supplemented by the dazzling gold ornament and Swoosh flank, lined with red collocation selection, finally equipped with blue transparent rubber outsole. item: 843396-470 release date: August 22ndPrice: nike-kd-9-usa-gold-medal-olympic-01.jpg (156.22 KB, download number: 1) download Nike KD 9 Gold Medal 2016-8-19 jordans on sale online 10:21 upload nike-kd-9-usa-gold-medal-olympic-04.jpg (160.13 KB, download number: 2) download Nike KD 9 Gold Medal 2016-8-19 10:21 upload nike-kd-9-usa-gold-medal-olympic-05.jpg (151.09 KB, download number: 1) download Nike KD 9 Gold Medal 2016-8-19 10:21 upload nike-kd-9-usa-gold-medal-olympic-02.jpg (154.87 KB, download number: 1) download Nike KD 9 Gold Medal 2016-8-19 10:21 upload nike-kd-9-usa-gold-medal-olympic-03.jpg (147.54 KB, download number: 1) download Nike KD 9 Gold Medal 2016-8-19 10:21 upload nike-kd-9-usa-gold-medal-olympic-06.jpg (114.49 KB, download number: 1) 0According to relevant data: Wenling footwear industry mainly exported to the Middle East, Africa, North America, Europe and so on market . At present, Europe and the United States economic turmoil, African countries smoke four onwards, the world consumer purchasing power plummeted, the city's footwear exports direct impact. Shilin footwear are the leading enterprises in Hengfeng, the company originally in the Eastern European market 1 box 24 shoes, sold 2000 boxes a day, and now the 1 box of 8 pairs of similar shoes, every day only sold 1000 boxes, sales fell by 83%; the company is located in Ukraine stores, the monthly turnover of $150 thousand from the line down to $20 thousand, a decline of 86.7%. since 2011, the domestic inflation pressure has greatly increased the production costs of shoe enterprises. The annual structural labor shortage, forcing enterprises to consciously to raise wages, improve the employment environment to attract workers, in recent years, Wenling footwear industry workers annual wage rose more than 15% of the rate, due to improve the employment environment costs, labor costs increased by about 20%. But the rate of raw material growth in 2011 was even more astounding. As the sole material TPR, from last year's 8000 yuan / ton rose to 12000 yuan / ton, up 50%; Dichotomanthes from last year's 13500 yuan / ton rose to 20000 yuan / ton, or 48.1%. With the implementation of the national financial regulatory policy, bank loans to enterprises is more and more difficult, and then turn to private lending high risk, high interest rates, financial costs increase exponentially; and bring on RMB appreciation profit squeeze, corporate profits increasingly thin. with the foreign trade business more and more difficult to do, many of the original foreign trade enterprises have to adjust the market strategy, fought in the domestic market. Located in Taizhou Zeguo Muyu Xi Lai Sheng Shoes Co. Ltd. had all exports, but in 2011 it began to try to transfer some of the domestic. Deputy general manager Sheng Jianyun said: "now the situation is changeable, we are safe, only do business with our old customers, develop new customers no longer easily. It's getting harder and harder to make money on exports. The dollar has been depreciating and the payments are always shrinking. Now the domestic environment has greatly changed the past debt entanglement, now is the first cash reproduction. At present, we have 30% to do domestic sales, if next year's export situation is still so severe, the domestic proportion will continue to increase, plans to achieve domestic sales of 70%, export 30% of the proportion. Of course, we do not give up the export, to learn ", so the risk will be walking on two legs" smaller." compared with the highly competitive adult shoes market, the domestic shoes market competition pressure is relatively weak. According to statistics, China now accounts for about 1/4 of the total population of children under the age of 16, and about every year2012-4-13 09:18 upload and download attachments (135.86 KB) Nike LeBron 9 Low Team Red / challenge red / Wolf grey color matching new product, this whole style is opposite heat match color, seems intent on making the hot summer a bit more frenetic. The red team covers a large area, tongue and shoe uppers, lined with belts are challenging red with wolf grey swoosh and outsole with white midsole and red MAX AIR. This LeBron Low is an outstanding red 9 will be available shortly after the price is still $150. by Watanabe Junya in charge of the CDG's eYe COMME des GARCONS Junya extension brand Watanabe MAN and New Balance the latest launch joint version 1600, white / beige color suede and mesh material, the overall design style is very Watanabe Junya, known in Japan online store ZOZOTOWN limited edition, the price of 30450 yen. OriginalFake x Visvim shoe recently from OriginalFake website posted a picture, in the picture you can see, this pair of shoes is made of Visvim Logan Low based on the popularity of shoes, white background plus a KAWS design, is expected to be on sale in the OriginalFake flagship store. most tide day shoes, OriginalFake, x, Visvim, Logan, LowPaul, Frank, lovely home shoes comments on last article: "tide day shoes" OriginalFake x Visvim Logan Low next article: Paul Frank lovely home shoes /AI Commemorative Edition / famous sports brand Adidas basketball shoes Mutombo will be called """ this winter and autumn; 76ers" the new color. The shoe is a signature shoe made by brands to the retired NBA star Dikembe Mutombo, and draws inspiration from its Congo ancestry. The new color to Mutombo played for the Philadelphia team of 76 people for inspiration, in the design of the team's blue and orange constitute the main body, and the black and White African totem into one, with the collar of the shoe on the " 55" the bottom has thick words and flexible, bring the ideal ground feeling. /NB also outdoor/, New, Balance, H710, Grey/Brown, color, new /Clarks / Hender, Scheme 2013, winter and autumn, Bracken, Boots boots comments on last article: /NB also outdoor/ New Balance H710 Grey/Brown color next article: /Clarks new / Hender Scheme 2013 autumn winter Bracken Boots bootsBefore announced in April this year will launch a white version of the Air Jordan V "Grape" after a series of new products, customized version also started the crazy "grape" color design, of course, a black leather color as the main body of the Air Jordan V "Grape" the most exciting. Through that shoe, as if Jordan Brand has also been inspired, there will be today we see this Air Jordan V Black Grape new products, this paragraph will be sold as a city sale later this year. The new Air Jordan 5 will be made of black suede with a pair of water, blue and purple detail, and finally with a crystal outsole and water blue small shark tooth decorations. Lacoste Missouri 85 Mid 09 new spring 1985 Lacoste launched the classic top tennis shoes Missouri 85 Mid, the engraved version in addition to emphasizing suede version original retro feel, color and more fashionable leather version, make men's shoes on sale at the same time / two versions of download (58.47 KB) download (58.54 KB) download (54.4 KB) download (48.41 KB) download (61.29 KB) download (55.66 KB)